Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

 All officers shall be members in good standing of PMI and of the Chapter. The officers shall serve one  2-year term of office with revolving termination dates. 

Board of Directors  - Elected Officers


The President shall be the chief executive officer for the Chapter and of the Board, and shall perform such duties as customary for presiding officers, including making all required appointments with the approval of the Board. The President shall also serve as a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee. 

Vice President of Communications and Publicity

The Vice President of Communications and Publicity shall keep the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board. They are responsible for posting meeting notices and sending out communications to members and prospective members of upcoming events. They will maintain and enhance the website and social media sites.

Non-Elected, Non-voting Directors

Director of Social Media
Promotes, expands and maintains the chapters social presences on the internet maintaining a positive consistent image through social media sites.  Directs consistent and effective social media and marketing techniques to increase traffic flow and capture potential members attention to the chapter website.  Responsible for developing a social media policy for the PMI Quad City Area Chapter.

Director of Web Content 
Learn and understand the infrastructure web application (Joomla). Update and enhance the content of the PMI Quad City Area Chapter website.  Contact Proteon Software for assistance if needed.  Participate in new chapter initiatives. Work closely with the Board of Directors on new content and ideas that promote membership in the chapter.

Director of Marketing and Publicity
Responsible for devloping a marketing strategy for the chapter.  Manage the content of outgoing communications, announcements, meetings and events, news etc.  Use PMI's resources for marketing materials, promote PMI and the Quad City Area Chapter at various community events and business meetings. Submit public affairs news and events to local media. Promote positive relations with stakeholders, members, sponsors, local companies, colleges, and non-profit organizations.  Educate corporations on the value of QCPMI membership and the PMI certiciations. Promote sponsorship opportunities for the chapter, website, meetings and  special events,  Submit information to PMI publications on upcoming Professional Development Days and Chapter community outreach events.

Vice President of Treasury and Finance

The Vice President of Treasury and Finance shall oversee the management of funds and disbursments for duly authorized purposes of the Chapter.

Non-Elected, Non-Voting Directors
Assistant Director of Treasury and Finance
Assist the VP of Treasury and Finance.  Assist with budget, record keeping, tax-exempt status filing and other assigned duties.

Vice President of Membership and Recruiting

The Vice President of Membership and Recruiting shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of a Chapter membership plan that assumes continued growth, through aggressive recruiting and partnering with major Quad City Area employers, and implementation of a retention program.

Non-elected, Non Voting Directors
Director of Elections and Suveys
Announce the slate of candidates for Board positions, coordinate with the PMI Chapter Administrator on sending out the voting survey to the chapter members.  Work with the DEP data and in coordination with the VP of Membership, survey members on why they did not renew, PMI members who are not chapter members and other surveys to learn more about our members.

Vice President of Professional Development

The Vice President of Professional Development shall be responsible for promoting project management professionalism through the development of educational publications, seminars, and workshops designed to expand the skills and knowledge of project managers.


Vice President of Programs

The Vice President of Programs shall be responsible for the development and delivery of programs relating to project management for each scheduled Chapter meeting. The content of these programs is to be consistent and in accordance with the objectives of the Chapter and with the approval of the Chapter Board of Directors.

Non-Elected, Non-Voting Directors
Director of  Logistics (non-voting position)

The Director of Logistics is responsible for maintaing, delivery and setup of all equipment and displays for chapter events.  This person will also be responsible for  finding venues suitable for chapter events and will coordinate with VP Education and VP of Professional Development.  They will be the primary contact for additional equipment needs for each venue, (screens, flip charts, etc)

Vice President of Special Projects

The Vice President of Special Projects shall be responsible for the coordination of special one time efforts identified by the Chapter Board of Directors that cross functional areas of responsibility, and shall provide support to various members of the Chapter Board of Directors and Chapter as a whole.


Directors At Large

There shall be two (2) Directors at Large. Each Director at large will be responsible for carrying out the purposes and objectives of the chapter.  Responsibilities can cross functional areas, provide support for Vice Presidents and new chapter endeavors