Guest Pass Program

Chapter Guest Pass Program

We are offering a Free Guest Pass for individuals that are already PMI members but not yet members of the chapter to recognize the value and benefits of chapter membership. The program is meant to introduce PMI members, who are not chapter members, with an opportunity to join a chapter for the remainder of their PMI membership. In order to participate in the program, the following criteria must be met: 

1) The prospective participant member must be a PMI member in good standing. (PMI members in good standing have paid their PMI membership dues). 

3) The Chapter Guest Pass is valid for one time use from the point of initiation through the end of the member’s current PMI membership cycle. 

4) The participant in the program is responsible for participating in, and attending, local chapter events such as the Bi-Monthly meeting, Networking Events, Symposium, and Lunch and Learn Event to benefit and value the delivery of core services by the chapter.

To be a participant of the program and receive a promotional code for a Free Guest Pass, Please e-mail [email protected]  with your name, PMI #, and contact information.