2018 PMI Quad Cities Area Chapter Board Candidates

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PMI Quad Cities Area Chapter Volunteer Positions

Nominating Committee and Election Director

Responsibilities:  Present slate of officers at the November Chapter Meeting, run the election and report the results to the membership.
Committment:  4 hours
Term:   September - November 2018

New Member Buddy Program

Responsibilities:  Be a PMI and Chapter resource for a new member.  Call the new member and encourage them to attend the Chapter meeting, make them aware of our upcoming events, sit with them at the chapter meetings and introduce them to other members, help them navigate the PMI and Chapter website and show them the resources that are available to them because of joining PMI.   Help answer their questions and be there as a continuing resource for them.
Committment:  Varies
Term:  6 -12 months 

Elected Positions - Executive Board

Terms of office for the Officers shall be 2 years and limited to 2 consecutive terms in the same position with no more than 4 consecutive terms on the Board in general.  Board members are expected to attend all Chapter and Board meetings and participate in Chapter sponsored events.  Attendance at one of the Leadership Institute Meetings for Region 2 is highly encouraged.  

Benefits to you:  Earn PDU's quicker, become more involved at the chapter and region level, network with global PMI Leaders and  the fee for the annual Professional Devlopment Day is waived.    

Vice President of Communications
Responsibilities:  The Vice President of Communications shall keep the records of all business meetings of the QUAD CITY AREA CHAPTER and meetings of the Board.  The Vice President of Communications shall send notices to members of upcoming meetings and events.
Committment:  2-6 hours per month
Term:     January 2019 - December 2020

Vice President of Corporate Relations and Sponsorship
Responsibilities:  The Vice President of Corporate Relations and Sponsorship shall be responsible for developing and  maintaining a sponsorship plan that assumes continued growth, through partnering with major Quad City Area Chapter’s employers, and  other entities.
2-6  hours per month
January 2019 - December 20120

Vice President of Educational Relations and Outreach 
  Vice President of Educational Relations and Outreach shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a plan that assumes continued growth, through partnering with Quad City Area Universities, Colleges and K-12 schools.  Responsible for the development and maintenance of a chapter member speaker’s bureau for those who are seeking a project manager to present in their educational event or meeting.
 2-6 hours per month
January 2019 - December 2020

Vice President of Finance
 The Vice President of Finance shall oversee the management and reporting of funds for duly authorized purposes of the QUAD CITY AREA CHAPTER
2-6 hours per month
January 2019 - December 2020

Vice President of Programs and Professional Development 
Vice President of Programs and Professional Development shall be responsible for the development and delivery of programs relating to project management for each scheduled Chapter meetings.  The content of these programs is to be consistent and in accordance with the objectives of the Chapter and with the approval of the Chapter Board of Directors.  Responsible for Professional Development opportunities and for promoting project management professionalism through the development of educational publications, seminars, and workshops designed to expand the skills and knowledge of project managers.
2-6 hours per month
 January 2019 - December 2020

 Chapter Elections- 2019-2020

It's that time of year again and we need YOU to serve on the Board of Directors for the PMI Quad City Area Chapter. As our chapter has continued to grow, so has our need for your involvement. Serving on the Board, you become the heart of the organization; your ideas, talents and drive enable us to keep pace with the ever-changing times.

The nomination and election of officers occurs annually in accordance with the chapter bylaws as specified in Article VI. As a board member you are required to be a PMI and PMI Quad City Area Chapter member in good standing. Your attendance is required in person at monthly board meetings and professional development. An overview of each position is available in the Chapter Bylaws .

If you are interested in serving on the Chapter Board, you must specify the position and provide a biography to:  [email protected]   no later than October 1, 2018.

We look forward to another great year. Remember, the most effective way to enact change is to participate.

PMI Quad City Area Board of Directors

 PMI-QCA Board Candidate Profiles 

Open Positions:  Member in Good Standing

The positions that are bolded are elected.  The director level positions are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Nomination Process:

  • OK to self nominate

  • Nominations will be made via email ( [email protected])

  • Nominations will be open from TBD

  • Chapter members will be notified when the nomination window opens via email.

  • Email will contain pertinent information concerning the election

  • Instructions on how to nominate

Election process:

  • Election Committee will contact each nominee to verify willingness to serve.

  • Each candidate will be provided a template to aid in generating their bio for the election process.

  • Election process will be electronic this year using a web survey tool.

  • The election process will be open for two weeks from September 16th - September 30th

  • Election results will be announced at the October Chapter meeting

  • Elected Candidates will take office on January 1st 

Key Dates:

  • Nomination window TBD
  • Election Period - November Annual Business Meeting
  • Announce New Officers - December
  • Elected Candidates take office January 1, 2019


All  Board Members are responsible for:

  • Be members, in good standing, of PMI global and the Quad Cities Area Chapter

  • Attend New Board Member Training

  • Attending all board meetings

  • Replying to motions via email within 3 business days for decisions between meetings

  • Attending all possible chapter events such as dinner and lunch meetings as a visible member of the board

  • Attending and contributing to all annual planning and strategy sessions

  • Collaborating with other board members with initiatives that cross over board portfolios

  • Attending leadership conferences as applicable

  • Keeping up on duties and responsibilities of own portfolio

  • Contributing to the overall board strategy and effective operations

  • Promoting PMI-QCA and its initiatives and values at business and PM community events

  • Building good relationships with members and volunteers

  • Building positive and productive relationships between PMI-QCA and the business and education communities

  • Contributing/maintaining information on the PMI-QCA website

Why should I consider a Board position?

Volunteers are the foundation of any PMI Chapter. Volunteering can be a key ingredient in career and personal growth.   It provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills and provides personal satisfaction from contributing to the success  of our local chapter and being part of an international organization.

And finally, it allows you to earn professional development units (PDUs) towards your PMP certification renewal.  QCPMI Board of Directors may attend the Professional Development Days at no charge.  QCPMI Director level positions will receive a 50% discount on Professional Development Days registration.

You earn PDU's for Chapter Meetings, Board Meetings and Region Meetings.  As a board member you will should plan on attending one of the Region meetings:  Fall, Spring or both.  The Chapter and Region will share the expenses for attending the Region Meetings.